Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last week I posted about a food obsession of mine, frozen yogurt. I'd like to share another...falafel. I'm so addicted to it! I could eat plates and plates of them. The best here in my berg is at the Oasis Grill, a little mom and pop operation. His falafel aren't over fried and they're spiced just right. My sister and I usually share a plate of the appetizer falafel plate. It comes with 5, you do the math. We almost come to blows over the last one cuz neither of us want to split it. But, of course, we do in the end.

If I were to become a vegetarian, this would be the main staple in my diet. That's how good they are.
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muralimanohar said...

Tell ya ever come to Sydney, I will take you to the most amazing falafel place I have EVER seen, as well as anyone we have ever taken there. Seriously, I had no idea that falafel could be THIS good, and I make a pretty damn good falafel myself! :p Oh, and it's all vegetarian, which is just completely bonus. I haven't gotten up the nerve to ask which kind of Middle Easterners are vegetarian like that, lol.