Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is my knick knack / jewelry box

It's a little beat up because it's about 15 years old.
Here's what's in it...

1. Drop necklaces I made about 15 years ago when they first became really popular.
2. The first beading I ever did -anklets from high school.
3. Misc rings, broach, toy camaro of course.
4. Charms and I think that thing at the top might be a cuff link but I'm not sure.
5. My favorite necklace, given to me by my aunt. She said she got it in the 60's and used to wear it all the time.
6. Some earrings I've had since the 80's that I just can't bring my self to get rid of.
7. Rocks and shells that I've picked up from different trips.

The other 2 drawers contain miscellaneous stuff like watches that need batteries, my baby ring, some more 80's earrings, etc.

Thanks to Anastasia for this week's topic.


Sandra said...

Oh wow! I totally had this jewelry box when I was younger. I love the hardware and the little drawers. Does that photo ever bring back memories! I think it's great that you have kept all that jewelry from your past. I have no idea what happened to all my stuff. In a garbage bin somewhere...

Sandra said...

Hi Sue, I forgot to mention in the last comment...could you please send me your mailing address for pay it forward?