Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Money is the root of all aggravation

That is why May is going to be a no spending month.

I received a call today from the car loan people. I was supposed to send them money via MoneyGram on Thursday but my paycheck didn't even come near what I was supposed to give them. I called them to tell them this but my brilliant brain sent some funky message to the hand that was writing down their number and messed it all up (normally my usual mistake is transposing 2 numbers incorrectly, jumbling them up. This time when I pulled out the post-it with the number on it and compared it to the number I got from them today...it ain't even close). So, today's phone call was pretty nasty and, as always, I start crying - nothing too dramatic but you can definitely tell in my voice. The girl on the phone tells me that there's no use in crying, it's not going to buy me any more time....whoa. Hold up there chicky. First off, I wasn't asking for more time, I said I'd call right back with payment info. Second, telling me this doesn't help me stop crying. If anything it makes it worse. Third, I cry as an automatic response to any excessive emotion, happiness, anger, sadness, frustration, etc so just pretend like it's not happening. She did not like me telling her that. Uh uh, no siree bob. She got real nasty after that, so I basically had to tell her, listen, I'll call you back in a few minutes, good bye...click, or she would have just kept on ranting and raving.

So, here I am, at work mind you, with red, swollen eyes trying not to throw my phone across the room. Poor little phone doesn't deserve that, it's not its fault the chick on the other end was a raging B from hell.

Have you ever seen the movie Ghost? Did you notice how when Demi Moore cries, there's no puffiness, no red eyes?

It's unfair I tell you.
Anyhoo, not only is May no spending month, it's going to be see-if-I-can-live-without-a-car month because I'm selling it. Getting rid of the albatross. So, all you friends out there, don't expect me to go anywhere unless you're willing to pick my ass up. :)
Of course, along with saving me money, it makes me live a bit "greener" which is always good. So, keep your fingers crossed, say some prayers, what have you, that I don't go absolutely insane next month.

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Anonymous said...

"ive got sunshine on a cloudy day when its cold outside ive got the month of may"

golly gee whiz... wish you good things.

Demi's sad face could evoke compassion from a wolverine.