Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Week

I'd like to share my week with you.

Monday...back to work from vacation. Missed a doctor's appt. because I completely forgot.

Tuesday...had jury duty. Pain in the butt and in the side. Looks like I'm getting picked for the jury.

Wednesday...strangely, I can't remember what I did in the morning. I don't remember if I went to work or not. In the afternoon, jury duty. Yep, got picked for the jury. Made appt. to get this pain in my side looked at.

Thursday...Morning - go to doctor's appointment, get told that either my gallbladder is having issues (maybe stones, maybe something else) or my appendix is crapping out. Get sent to diagnostic center for CT scan, have to drink a butt load of barium (YUCK!).

Afternoon - Go to jury duty wearing yoga pants cuz those are the only pants comfortable enough to wear.

Friday...Morning - Go to work (wearing running pants), call and leave message for doctor cuz I haven't heard anything yet. Do some retail therapy at Michael's cuz this is stressing me out!

Afternoon - Go to jury duty. While on break I find I have a voice mail from the Dr. No gall stones, am I still having the same symptoms or did they just miraculously go away (honestly!). I call back, they aren't answering so I leave another message. Go back into the courtroom. Since it's Friday, we're let out early (3:30) and I find another message - call back and ask for the Dr. directly (what does she think I've been doing?) so I call back and she tells me they did an abdominal CT but not a pelvic so they didn't rule out an appendectomy. She's gonna try to make another appt. to have another scan, we'll call back. I decide I need more retail therapy and go to Ikea. As I'm packing up my car with my purchases I get another call...We made an appointment for you on Monday at 3:30 (so much for doing more jury duty) but in the meantime please come in and have some blood drawn and pick up another big ass bottle of barium, which I do. So now I'm just trying to spend my weekend in any comfortable position I can find. I missed my friend's wedding because I don't have anything loose enough to be comfortable in that's nice enough to wear to a wedding. Plus the thought of sitting for however long is in itself uncomfortable let alone actually doing it.

So that was my week...It was a bit weird, a bit stressful and a bit painful. Hopefully next will be better.


Maureen said...

Yuck...what a week. Poor baby! You have to wonder sometimes about the communication with the medical profession...sigh for you.

I've had jury duty 3 times in < 20 years incl one 12 week federal trial. I must have one of those goodprofiles - plus I could always get paid time off from work.

Anonymous said...

eek... well I'll pray for ya.

at the wedding you were seated at arguably the best table... Minas Tirith... in prime location with Joe and other esteemed guests.

location = great
ceremony = great
reception = made-a-new-friend great

my Jackson = shocking
my Swayze = respectable
my Travolta = sexy
my Herman = second best
my Benes = needs work... but
my twist = you wont believe the story!!! you will laugh so hard your side pain will send you to the ER.