Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is...My latest discovery.

Sorry about the teeeny tiny pic but I don't have an actual picture of my own. This is the
Assistance League of Covina Valley Learning Center Thrift Shop. Mouthful isn't it? I passed by this store for years (I used to live just down the street!) but never ever went in. I have no idea why. A few weeks ago my sister decides we need to go check it out so in we went and lo and behold - they actually have a wall of fabric remnants! There are pieces anywhere from 1/4 yard to more than 3 yards. I don't know if somebody just donated a big chunk of their stash or if they actually do replenish their stock every so often. But I'm in love with this store. Let me show you some fine samples of the fabrics I've bought there...

The pink ticking this wee bunny is made out of is from there.

This vintage canvas is from there.

And this pinstripe is from there...1 yard for 75 cents...can't beat that!

Anyway, this is my most recent discovery. Thanks to RheLynn from Knit Owl for this weeks theme.

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